Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thumb Butte

Thumb Butte is one of the Prescott's major landmarks. It received its name "Thumb" because it does sort of look like a clenched fist with thumb sticking out. My personal experience with this mountain is lively: there are a number of exciting trails there for mountain biking - awesome views .. what else can man ask for?


ArizonaDB said...

Hi Neighbor! My names Dustin and I run the Flagstaff Daily Photo website. I love your photos so far. It sounds like you really like living in Prescott. My wife and I almost moved to Prescott instead of Flagstaff, but we ended up here. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your photography in the future. Take care.

Flagstaff Daily Photo

Karoliina Urso said...

Howdy to you too. Good to meet another Arizona blogger. Flagstaff and its mountains - aspen etc is such a beautiful place - you are fortunate. My husband and I enjoy living here in Prescott as well. Have a great day!

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