Monday, January 7, 2008

On the Road to Mt. Union

I love this road. I've been on it riding the mountain bike for "umpthieth" times. Mt. Union is the highest point in the Prescott area Bradshaw Mountains - 7979 feet (2432 meters) - It is a bit of a steady grind on the bike to ride to the top, but it is one of those grinds that is surely rewarding. They say "no pain - no gain" - well, I suppose I need to pay my gratitude to this mountain road with all its switchbacks for all the gains it has given me: gracias Mt. Union!! (By clicking on the picture you'll get a larger view)


Kala said...

It looks awesome! i wish we had more mountain biking trails - I love mountain biking!

Karoliina Urso said...

Isn't MTB great? Being in the nature and gulping down the fresh air. Crunching the gears as you squeel your way up them steep and rocky hills.. It is truly a rewarding sport! Go MTB!!!

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